Terence McKenna with Lost at Last

12 December 1998
Maritime Hall, San Francisco, California
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01:50 To sing and speak tonight about the opalescent expressances of the abyss the abyss of living language that pours from the pscyhedelic body the psychedelic body is the earth turned inside out it's river's ramaputra, limapopo, ganji's, casi varanjaje it's mountains popocatapolo, kilamanjara it's islands, yijido, batchan, obee, doru, damar, hamahara, key, saran, neeos, manhatten it's people weetoto, shwar, celtic, black, white, yellow, gay, strait, old young, stong, living, dread past present remembered forgotten i wanted to speak of the opalescent expressance of the abyss the shining lights, in the mind the shining lights that move in the night of the mind so that language builds until it overflows the goblet of understanding and becomes pure pre purest intentionality to being aum *chanting*