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Psilocybin and the Sands of Time 1982 SEN Interview, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 8169
Tryptamine Hallucinogens and Consciousness 1982 Lilly/Goswami Conference, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 7714
New and Old Maps of Hyperspace 1982 Institute for the Study of Consciousness, Berkeley, California 10992
The Transformations of Language Under the Influence of the Psychedelic Experience 1983 Berkeley, California 10441
The Syntax of Psychedelic Time 1983 Berkeley, CA 11245
Dynamics of Hyperspace 1983 Santa Cruz, California 10346
A Necessary Chaos 1983 New Dimensions Radio 7433
New Dimensions Radio Interview (aka Towards the Unknown) 1983 San Francisco, California 5759
Hallucinogens Before and After Psychology (aka Beyond Psychology) 1983 University of California Santa Barbara, Psychedelics & Spirituality Conference 3533
The Definitive UFO Tape 1983 Mill Valley, CA 8014
The Voynich Manuscript 1983 Mill Valley, CA 4376
Alien Love 1983 Shared Visions Bookstore, Berkeley, CA 8213
The Gnostic Astronaut 1984 Shared Visions Bookstore, Berkeley, CA 10987
Psychedelic Society 1984 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 5702
Shamanology 1984 Mill Valley, CA 22207
New Maps of Hyperspace 1984 Berkeley Institute for the Study of Consciousness, Berkeley, CA 5805
The Invisible Landscape (Peer Review) 1985 The Ojai Foundation, Ojai, California 16464
Cauldron Chemistry Interview 1985 Terence McKenna's Home, Sonoma County, California 6603
The Rites Of Spring 1986 Rites of spring, Ojai Foundation, Ojai CA 32616
Shamanic Approaches to the UFO 1987 Angels Aliens and Archetypes 1987 Conference, San Francisco, California 1128
Understanding and the Imagination in the Light of Nature 1987 Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles, California(Potentially incorrect) 0
Nature is the Center of the Mandala 1987 Shared Visions Bookstore, Berkeley, California 5167
aka Suggested Reading List 1987 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 5697
What's so Great About Mushrooms? 1987 n/a 1471
Psychedelics Before and After History 1987 California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California 787
Mushrooms, Elves and Magic 1988 Big Sur, California 6494
Vision Question Through Sacred Plants 1988 International Transpersonal Conference, Santa Rosa, California 0
Vision Plants - The Transpersonal Challenge 1988 International Transpersonal Conference, 8507
Before and Beyond History 1988 Ojai, California 0
Places I Have Been 1988 Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, California 6013
Morphogenic Fields and Psychedelic Experiences 1988 Shared Visions Bookstore, Berkeley, CA 0
The Light in Nature 1988 The Esalen Institute (Benefit for KPFK and Botanical Dimensions), Big Sur, California (Big Sur Tapes, Big Sur, California) 24471
Aliens and Archetypes 1988 Interivew w/ Jeffrey Mishlove on 'Thinking Allowed' Show 3743
The Human Future 1988 n/a 3523
Time and the I Ching 1988 n/a 3802
Hallucinogens & Culture 1988 n/a 3519
Ethnobotany of Shamanism 1988 California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, California 49017
Ethnobotany and Shamanism - Psychedelics Before and After History 1988 California Insitute of Integral Studies 1795
Gaia, Eros, and the Archaic Revival 1989 Ford Theatre, Los Angeles, California 0
Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1989 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California 0
aka Psychedelics and the Feminine 1989 n/a 7337
aka A Psychedelic Point of View 1989 n/a 6456
aka The Evolution of a Psychedelic Thinker 1989 n/a 10638
A Survey of Shamanic Options 1989 n/a 10404
Psychedelics and the Chaos Revolution 1989 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 9143
Esalen Scholar In Residence (aka Enough is Enough) 1989 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 0
Shamanology of the Amazon 1989 Ojai Foundation, Ojai, California 0
History Ends in Green - Gaia, Psychedelics, and the Archaic Revival 1989 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 0
Shamanism, Symbiosis, and Psychedelics Workshop 1989 Whole Life Expo 0
Opening the Doors of Creativity 1990 Port Hueneme, CA 7519
The Light at the End of History 1990 The Wetlands, New York, NY 0
The World Could Be Anything 1990 n/a 11041
Time and Mind 1990 New Mexico 2478
Nothing's Wrong 1990 Santa Fe, New Mexico 0
aka Loose Ends Time 1990 n/a 7929
aka The Psychedelic Option 1990 n/a 11017
aka A Stiff Dose of Psychedelics 1990 n/a 7851
Touched by The Tremendum 1990 New York New York 11739
Terence McKenna Live in Maryland 1990 MD 484
Inner Visions, Future Vectors 1990 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA 0
Novelty and the Transcendental 1990 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA 0
Experiment at Petaluma 1990 n/a 2521
Mind & Time, Spirit & Matter 1991 Whole Life Expo, Los Angeles, California 11625
Mushrooms, Evolution and the Millenium 1991 Masonic Temple, Van Nuys, California 10029
Time Travel, Psychedelics, and Physics 1991 n/a 8103
We Are at the Cutting Edge 1991 n/a 0
Unfolding the Stone - Making and Unmaking History and Language 1991 Wilshire Ebell Theater, Los Angeles, California 7189
Finale - Bridge Psychedelic Conference 1991 Stanford U, Mill Valley, CA 0
Address to the Jung Society 1991 Claremont, CA 21503
Hallucinogens in Shamanism & Anthropology 1991 n/a 0
Exploring the Hermetic Tradition 1991 n/a 740
Into the New Millenium 1991 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA 0
Live at the Cyberdome 1991 Stuttgart, Germany 3181
Terence McKenna vs. Young Republican Radio Debate 1991 KFI radio station with Tom Leykis 0
Approaching Life's Edges and Boundaries 1992 n/a 0
Imagination in the Light of Nature 1992 Earth Trust Benefit, Los Angeles, California (Apparently: Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles) 6210
Earth Trust 1992 n/a 0
The future of humanity with Abraham and Sheldrake 1992 Esalen 0
Camden Centre Talk 1992 London, England, Camden Centre 19061
Search For The Original Tree Of Knowledge 1992 Boulder, Colorado 85354
Limits of Art & Edges of Science 1992 n/a 0
Mapping the End of History 1992 n/a 0
Calling the Butterflies Workshop 1992 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA 0
A Conversation with Terence McKenna and Ram Dass 1992 n/a 2975
Hermeticism & Alchemy 1992 New York 16100
The World And Its Double 1993 Nature Friends Lodge, Sierra Madre, CA 91024 18692
aka The Psychedelic 'Religious' Agenda 1993 Esalen, Big Sur, CA 39115
True Hallucinations 1993 Phoenix Book Store 0
Hazelwood Trialogues 1993 Hazelwood, Devon, England 0
Live in New York 1993 The Fez, New York New York 10157
Mushrooms, Sex and Society 1993 n/a 1383
Alien Footprints - Leprechauns, Elves, or Dead Souls? 1993 Weekend Workshop, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 9363
Alien Dreamtime 1993 Transmission theater, San Francisco 3317
Taxonomy of Illusion 1993 University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA 11602
Visiting Terence's home with Thomas Norm Daniela Barry 1993 Occidental, Hawaii 0
(aka This Counts, Somehow it Matters & A Higher Dimensional Section of Reality) 1994 n/a 9749
Rap Dancing Into the Third Millenium 1994 Starwood XIV Festival, Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman, New York 15054
Packing for the Long Strange Trip 1994 Starwood Festival XIV, Association for Conciousness Exploration, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 0
Conversations on the Edge of Magic 1994 Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman, NY @ Starwood Festival XIV 7501
Laws and Freedom, Habits, and Novelty 1994 n/a 0
Permitting Smart People to Hope 1994 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA 10536
Vertigo at History's Edge 1994 New York MA 0
Interview on WFMU 1994 n/a 0
Eros and the Eschaton 1994 Kane Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 6958
aka Monogamy, Marriage, and Neurosis 1994 n/a 8383
aka Nothing Lasts 1994 n/a 7439
Language About the Unspeakable 1994 Maui, Hawaii 0
Global Perspectives and Psychedelic Poetics 1994 New York New York 6564
Megatripolis club 1994 Megatripolis Club, London, United Kingdom 0
Axiom Production 1994 Maui Hawaii 0
State of the Stone 1995 Whole Life Expo, San Francisco, CA 487
The Grammar of Ecstasy - the World Within the Word 1995 Maui 0
Evolving Times 1995 Sacramento, California 14890
Plants, Consciousness, and Transformation 1995 n/a 4684
The New Psychedelics 1995 Amsterdam 0
Riding the Range with Marshall McLuhan 1995 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 6217
Surfing on Finnegans Wake 1995 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA 15372
Psychedelic Skepticism 1996 Whole Life Expo, Austin, TX 7104
Luc Sala 'on Drugs' Interview 1996 Entheobotany Seminar, Palenque, Mexico 1407
The Evolutionary Importance of Technology 1996 Esalen 1755
A Better World (Toward The End Of History) 1996 New York New York 7742
Poets and Prophesiers 1996 n/a 5525
Live at St. John the Divine's Cathedral, Synod Hall 1996 St. John's Cathedral, New York NY 11230
Poolside Interview 1996 Palenque, Mexico 1370
The Winter King (aka Shamanism, Alchemy, and the 20th Century) 1996 Mannheim, Germany 5499
John Balance Interviews Terence McKenna 1996 n/a 0
I Ching, Habit & Novelty 1997 n/a 9440
Light of the Third Millenium 1997 Light of the Third MIllenium 6841
New Views of the Time Wave 1997 n/a 0
Relationships, career, drugs & our times 1997 n/a 0
Terence McKenna on Art Bell 1997 n/a 0
Surfing the Fractal Wave at the End of History 1997 The Lighthouse, New York New York 9038
Brisbane Talk 1997 n/a 0
Live at The Zoo with DJ Zippy 1997 The Zoo, Brisbane, Australia 4663
Appreciating Imagination 1997 Appreciating Imagination 55604
Interview on KBOO FM Radio 1997 KBOO FM RADIO 3643
Dreaming Awake at the End of Time 1998 Fort Mason, San Francisco, California 13384
Terence McKenna with Lost at Last 1998 Maritime Hall, San Francisco, California 129
Interview Hawaii 1998 Hawaii 0
Esalen In-House Get-Together 1998 Esalen, CA 0
Techno-Pagans at the End of History 1998 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 0
The World Wide Web and the Millenium 1998 Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York 0
Live at Wetlands Preserve, NYC 1998 Wetlands Preserve, New York New York 6422
Trialogues at the Edge of the Millenium 1998 n/a 0
The Future of Art 1998 Esalen Institute 8316
In the Valley of Novelty 1998 n/a 12426
Lectures on Alchemy 1998 Wetlands Preserve, New York New York 29625
Terence McKenna Performs with Lost at Last 1998 Maui 1998 Maui, Hawaii 0
Man and Woman at the End of History 1998 The Ojai Foundation, Ojai, California 114
Terence McKenna Vs. The Black Hole 1999 Terence's House, Big Island, Hawaii 16816
Always Coming Home 1999 n/a 0
Posthumous Glory 1999 AllChemical Arts Conference, Big Island, Hawaii (September 12-17) 5075
Psychedelics in the Age of Intelligent Machines 1999 Seattle, WA 8954
Culture and Ideology are Not Your Friends 1999 Whole Life Expo, Denver, CO 9539
Interview with Art Bell 1999 n/a 0
Navigating Ecstasy 1999 n/a 0
Bruce Damer and Terence McKenna in Hawaii 1999 Terence's home in Hawaii 3467
Linear Societies and Non-Linear Drugs 1999 Entheobotany Seminar Chan Kha Hotel, Palenque, Mexico 8093
The Importance of Human Beings n/a n/a 802
Intentionality in Language-Created Realities n/a n/a 5378
Shamanism, Symbiosis and Psychedelics Workshop n/a Whole Life Expo 0
TechNo-Shaman Interview n/a n/a 0
Speech at Sunshine Gardens n/a Unknown Location 0
DMT, Mathematical Dimensions, and Death n/a n/a 4427
Esalen In-House Get-Together day 2 n/a Esalen, CA 0
Psychedelics in the 90s n/a Chapman University, CA 0